The shop will open Thursday April 18th!! FREE In-Store Pick Up is available at 51 Main St., Meredith, NH 03253. Select "Pick Up" at Check Out in the Delivery Section.

Our Story

Hi! I'm Michaela Copeland - founder, owner and sole employee of Lake Effect! In 2012 my husband, Chris and I vacationed in Meredith, NH and fell in love with the area and the lake. After spending 2 years looking for our vacation home we made our purchase. Our agreement, when we bought our home, was that we had to spend 2 weekends a month in Meredith. Well, after our first year, and only having missed 2 weekends, we decided to make a big change. I gave up my job, we sold our custom built dream home, and moved to our lake house to live a simpler life - and haven't regretted it for one second! 

In 2016 when I realized that my shopping options were somewhat limited in the area, I decided to open my own shop. This was a big change from my prior experience, but I was looking for a challenge and a way to meet new people. After doing a lot of research, the idea for Lake Effect was born. Lake Effect opened its first storefront at 23 Main St. in Meredith on July 11, 2016.

When I chose the location for the shop my choices were limited. Knowing that my ideal location may become available in a couple of years, I decided to be patient; but then it happened. The current occupant at 51 Main St was looking to retire and although the space would need a lot of work, the timing was perfect.

In June 2018 Lake Effect moved up the street to 51 Main St where it now resides. This new location offered everything a growing store needed - great visibility, more space and storage. After spending a month renovating the space, with help from our friends and customers, we re-opened on June 28, 2018.